Sex and the Economy

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As the weather turns cooler and the economic climate dips further into a deep freeze, I've noticed a certain sensuality leave my beloved city. In years past, the hearth that burned so brightly in Manhattan, spilling into the surrounding environs, appears to be dimming with our decidedly sober times.

The energy that I once knew (in a biblical sense) so well provided, for all, a sense of opportunity at every glance, turn of phrase, or glass of a beloved beverage. I feel a deep mourning in the air for an era that passed with the season, bringing less confidence, chance, and possibilities for love and lust. At times like these, dare I say, I see puritanical impulses surfacing not just in skirt heights but also in word and deed.

Yet, my dear readers, Pandora managed to maintain her box, even after witnessing great evil! Why slide into doldrums or, even worse, depression, at the new state of affairs? While I have hope for our country, why wait for change when you have the power yourself. Even Dorothy Gale discovered in the Dust Bowl her personal power after a roll in the hay with three men. I say, liberation must always start with the people!

The eternal spring inside each of you has not disappeared but only lays dormant, awaiting heated breath and skin to awaken. While we all hear about belt tightening across the country, I say, forget the belt all together, and for that matter the pants, skirts, or whatever you choose to discard. The blush on the rose has not disappeared! Gild that lily a little more vigorously! You can partake in a bit of decadence, after all, you need not pay, and the price of admission is free!

You may say, we need a break from lore and lure. A healthy dose of reality will set us all straight. But, my dear friends, what is more real than a bit of sin? Harmless decadence can free the soul at times like these. Does it sound like a contradiction? Well, where absolute consistency can lead to abject boredom, and, much worse, fascism, why not embrace pleasure that does no harm. Enjoy that man, that woman, that couple, with a healthy helping of leather, lace, latex. We all must understand that letting nature win once in a while does not mean that we all lose.

Sensuality often becomes a casualty at times like these. Rigidity (and not the good kind) rules people’s personalities, freezing the spirit and disappearing a side of self that loves indulgences. In the past, the sale of such brought redemption in heaven. Today partaking in a few on earth, especially in this city, can bring a bit of heaven and sunlight into the every day.

With the brief warm weather we had the other week, I had the pleasure of viewing a few beaux femmes du monde that had come out for a breath of fresh air. I walked by a two story advertisement with a young women lying on a tennis court, the line created by her legs leading the eyes up her short skirt. Her body perfectly positioned for a kiss or caress. In that moment, I transcended the moment, and I once again saw clearly that “’Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’” I then stopped in my local bistro for a drink, smiled at the waitress, and let the day reveal itself.

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