Spa Castle

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  • Address 131-10 11th Avevue College Point, New York 11356
  • Phone 718-939-6300
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  • The Spa Castle is the cleanest and most modern Russian bath I've ever seen, maybe because it's run by Koreans! The clients are probably half Asian and is a mix of young families and singles looking for a sweat, a soak or a rub down. This enormous space is 4 floors of spa, relaxation, and fun.

    The bottom floor of the Castle provides changing rooms, lockers, and same-sex spa facilities for those interested in letting in all hang out without breaking taboos about showing it all to the opposite sex. There are both dry and wet saunas, as well as a number of different bath options of various temperatures. Ascending to the second floor requires covering yourself with the castle provided clothing. Once upstairs, there is a minor twinge of Eyes Wide Shut homogenity as everyone is wearing identical clothing, but far less menacing. The second floor contains 5 different sauna options as well as an ice room, food and juice bars, and ample lounge area to relax. There is a also a massage room where you can any number of different massages at different time lengths.

    The third floor contains additional massage rooms, specifically for head and feet massages. It also contains a number of swimming pools and unisex baths. There is also access to a deck where in warm weather, one can swim or bathe in the fresh air. The top floor is a formal restaurant.

    Perhaps the most innovative part of the Spa Castle is its system of charging and payment. There is a $40 entrance fee. After you pay, you are given an object shaped like a wrist watch to wear throughout your stay. The "watch", for lack of a better term, is both the key to your lockers (the Spa Castle gives you separate lockers for your shoes and your clothing), as well as acts a charge card of sorts. Any purchase you make while in the spa, whether food, drink or massage gets charged to the watch. When you leave, you present the watch to the cashier and she tallies your bill based on what was charged to the watch.

    The Spa Castle's location isn't the most accessible from Manhattan. A car makes the journey easy, although parking was surprisingly difficult given the location. It is possible to take the LIRR to the College Point Station where the Spa Castle will pick you up or drop you off in their shuttle bus.

    All in all, it's a short trip for the plethora of options at the Spa Castle. One can easily fill up an entire day at the Spa Castle making the trip out of Manhattan well worth it.

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