Romeo and Juliette

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  • Address 38 East 57th Street (between Park and Madison Avenues) 3rd Floor New York, New York 10022
  • Phone 212-750-2000
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  • I am a Mediterranean woman. That means that I have the added burden in life of having to suffer through monthly waxings since the age of 15! Picture my delight when I read about laser hair removal that promises permanent removal of body hair. I would never have to expose my private parts to the ladies at my local nail salon ever again! After reading more about the process and calling a few places around town, I decided to go to Romeo and Juliette. I cannot be more happy with Romeo & Juliette and the results!

    Hereís what anyone Ė men and women alike Ė should know about laser hair removal that the magazines donít necessarily tell you Ė itís very expensive, it hurts like hell, itís not a complete removal of your body hair, and itís very important that you go to the right place.

    First, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars. I got a full body package (minus the Brazilian, because I still want to look like a woman and not a pre-pubescent girl!), so I spent multiple thousands of dollars, but it was worth every penny for the joy and comfort of being virtually hairless in places that I donít want to have hair.

    Despite suffering physical pain through many years of waxing, I was not prepared for the increased pain I experienced with the laser. And certain spots Ė knees, upper lip, underarm, bikini Ė can be more sensitive and, therefore, very painful. The good news is that the pain is instantaneous and gone as soon as the session is done, and you can purchase a numbing cream that does reduce the pain slightly. Itís a bit expensive at an additional $50 per session, but I really needed the pain relief, however slight it was.

    My full body package included 6 regular sessions, spaced 1-3 months apart, and 6 follow-up sessions to remove hair that the technicians may have missed during the regular session. The whole process took about 1.5 years, but I started to see less and less hair on my body after each session. When I say that itís not a complete hair removal, what I mean is that the peach fuzz on your upper thoughs and face didn't really go away, and you will still have a few errant hairs pop up, either because these strands were particularly resistant or werenít exposed to all the treatments. You can always go in for more treatments to remove the stubborn ones, but I find it much easier to shave those 5-10 hairs myself. Despite these hangers-on, I can still put on a bathing suit, shorts, skirt, and sexy lingerie without ever having to worry or think about shaving. Having that peace of mind is so worth it!

    Last, but not least, let me get back to Romeo and Juliette. This salon is owned and operated by a very attractive, chic, and multilingual couple, and the clients reflect that, as well. In fact, you can peruse magazines from all over the world while you wait. The staff is always friendly, and the technicians are experienced and outstanding. I tried other places Ė see my review of American Laser Center Ė in the Beauty/Spa section, but nothing compares to Romeo and Juliette for their cleanliness, attentiveness, results, and spa-like facilities, among others. I would wholeheartedly recommend Romeo and Juliette for anyone interested in laser hair removal because, if youíre going to spend thousands of dollars, this is the place where you will get real results in a friendly and attractive environment. By the way, their services are for both men and women.

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