American Laser Center (ALC)

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  • If you are interested in finding the right salon for laser hair removal and want to get real results, do not go to the American Laser Center (ALC). Go instead to Romeo & Juliette - and read my review in the Beauty/Spa section to find out why - but do continue to read this review, so, at least, youíll know why this place sucks. This company has multiple locations, which is a great convenience, but what does it matter if youíre not getting results.

    When I went to meet with the manager to purchase a package of 5 sessions for a particular body area, I was surprised by their low prices (Romeo & Juliette is more expensive, but worth every penny!). They even threw in a few microdermabrasions for free. I was very happy and hopeful.

    Unfortunately, the adage Ė you get what you pay for - definitely applies to the ALC. At this particular location of the ALC, thereís no staff to greet you at the door. Most of the time, I had to practically interrupt someone elseís laser session to make my presence known. Otherwise, you can end up sitting in the waiting room for a long time! So good luck trying to check in when you get there.

    I have completed 3 of my 5 sessions, and I donít see one difference! Since I am a veteran of laser hair removal, I know the process and the desired results. I might as well have taken my money and flushed it down the toilet! Iím not sure they even turn their lasers on when they work! I could also be that the rooms where Iíve had my sessions donít even have an overhead light so the technicians can actually see the hairs and do a better job! How can a laser hair removal salon not have overhead lights?!?! After my last session, I actually went back to my local nail salon for a waxing!

    I did complain after my second session, and the corporate office and manager, who is not on-site all the time, did eventually respond to my complaints and switched my technicians, but to no avail. Still no results after 3 sessions. I would not recommend this place at all.

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