230 Fifth

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  • Orgasm Rating
  • Address 230 Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10001
  • Phone 212-725-4300
  • Website http://www.230-fifth.com/contact.php
  • I've been to 230 Fifth countless times now, in all fours seasons, and I still enjoy it. 230 Fifth is one of the quintessential rooftop bars in NYC to go to with a date, especially if that date happens to be from out of town. 230 Fifth definitely impresses visitors who are not as jaded as the rest of us New Yorkers. The interior bar/lounge area is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows that offer spectacular views of the city. Climb the stairs one floor, and you'll access the rooftop which remains open even in cold weather (they do close in the winter so check first before going if the rooftop is your desired destination). This is the better vantage from which to enjoy the views of the city while drinking and dining el fresco. In colder weather, 230 Fifth provides red fleece robes. After a few cocktails, you may not mind so much that your particular robe may have been worn by countless before you. Heat lamps also provide warmth, and then there is always cuddling with your date to provide extra heat. In warmer weather, the rooftop can get very crowded as private parties - from 3 to 1000 people - reserve space. Try during the week between 5-7 pm if you want to get or share a table with others. Once firmly ensconced, be prepared to relax in the city's glow.

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