Bars & Clubs New York Sexy Bars. New York Hot Bars. New York Clubs. Bars in New York City. Clubs in New York City. Phrolix. The Cabanas Roof Bar Prepare to party. 07/09/10 9:09pm Littlefield This club/lounge/gallery/performance space offers it all in a 6200-square foot 1920s warehouse. 06/14/10 5:17pm The Ten Bells It's the perfect place to meet on a first date or when in a new relationship. 05/13/10 9:10am Pierre Loti Pierre Loti is a great wine bar for a date (don't worry, it also serves beer). 05/05/10 10:52am Lolita Luckily there are no underaged girls here, but the name and atmosphere does inspire erotic thoughts. 04/21/10 8:54am Jadis Jadis is a small wine bar that delivers a great date experience. 04/21/10 8:53am GalleryBar Art gallery by day and lounge/dance club by night, GalleryBar attracts a hip crowd. 04/21/10 8:48am Clover Club Perfect cocktails + refined elegance = great date. 04/08/10 2:33pm Employee's Only Employee's Only has some of the best cocktails in town. 07/09/10 9:05pm Trash Bar If you like live music, make sure to check out the shows at Trash Bar and relax at the bar with a few beers and your date. 04/04/10 9:16pm Uncle Charlie's Going to this bar is like going to your least favorite uncle's house for the holidays. 04/04/10 9:16pm Therapy The dark lighting makes it a perfect place to make out with your date or the cute boy you just met at the bar. 04/04/10 9:15pm Posh Posh is the gay man's Cheers where everyone knows your name. 04/04/10 9:12pm The Breslin Bar and Dining Room The Breslin Bar and Dining Room is perfect for a date if you're looking for refinement and a dark nook for some nookie action. 04/04/10 8:26pm 230 Fifth 230 Fifth is one of the quintessential rooftop bars in NYC to go to with a date. 04/04/10 8:22pm Ilili For a more romantic environment, opt for drinking and eating in the bar/lounge area. 04/04/10 9:09pm Temple Bar Temple Bar is an upscale lounge with a seductive vibe. 04/04/10 9:17pm Batista Batista is casual AND naughty. 02/08/10 8:29pm Bongo Take a sexy date, and you have the makings of a very romantic evening. 02/08/10 8:29pm Nikki Beach Be prepared to spend a lot on drinks and share space with an unbelievably rude and pretentious crowd. 03/04/10 3:47pm