Hot Hotels Hot Hotels NYC. Hotels NYC. Best Sexy Hotels NYC. Hotels with Bars and Rooms NYC. Sexy Hotels NYC. Phrolix. Ace Hotel Staying at the Ace Hotel is like going to a cool party and then stealing away into one of the bedrooms to have sex. 07/09/10 9:01pm Library Hotel It's an innovative and hip twist on a sex hotel. 04/04/10 9:10pm Crosby Street Hotel The Crosby Street hotel is perfect for an elegant and romantic - albeit expensive - night of sex play. 02/23/10 6:36pm Dream New York The Dream Hotel is a fuck oasis in NYC. 02/08/10 8:34pm The MAve Hotel The MAve's location is ideal and thus delivers on being an "urban retreat" after some heavy partying (and petting) in the city. 01/10/10 11:12am Liberty Inn The Liberty Inn has set the standard really high. 12/06/09 8:14am Windsor Hotel So, as of this writing, this sexpert found that the Windsor Hotel meets all three requirements... 12/06/09 8:10am Ramada I highly recommend this Ramada for an afternoon fuck, because it's one of the best deals in town. 01/10/10 9:12pm Soho Grand Hotel It was the perfect weekend as long as you have at least $500 to burn. 12/06/09 8:01am Bryant Park Hotel We were all going to fuck in class. 12/28/09 9:39pm