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  • Orgasm Rating
  • Address 133 East 65th Street New York, New York 10021
  • Phone 212-245-6565
  • Website http://www.212restaurant.com/
  • Is 212 swanky enough for a date? The answer is yes and no. The interior of the restaurant is definitely elegant and upscale, with an intimate dining room, crisp white table clothes, and comfortable leather couches along the wall. If you define "swank" by an romantic interior that is only outmatched by a good-looking clientele and you're looking for a restaurant in the east 60s, then 212 is a good choice. If, however, by "swank", you require consistently delicious food, then 212 is not a good choice. I've tried the hangar steak twice, each time requesting medium rare, and I get a piece of meat that is tasteless and impossible to chew. The burgers are equally disappointing. 212 is not the most expensive dining experience in the city, especially for that area of town, but for me, the lovely dining room should, at least, be matched by delicious food - all the time. Dating in NYC can get expensive, so spend your money wisely and opt for quality instead of hype.

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