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"Say what you want to satisfy yourself, 'cause you only want what everybody else says you should want."


Are we completely incapable of forming our own opinions? Or are we simply too lazy?

We all know of the Curse of the Taken Man: A guy can't get laid to save his life when he's single, but, as soon as he gets into a relationship, everyone's a homewrecker. This, of course, applies to the ladies, as well, but, since my blog is gay-oriented, my subjects will be male.

But, this goes beyond the relationship zone.

As a relatively frequent sex-party-goer, I am a constant and chronic victim of this phenomena. I wander around for the first hour or two that I am there without so much as a stroke, a grope, or a lick. Finally, someone makes a move, and, as he leads me away to a semi-private location, that cute little
Asian boy I've been eyeing all night reaches for my goodies.

Apparently, I'm that weird guy at the orgy who people think is cute but keep their distance from until it's proven that I'm not insane. The test, of course, is whether or not someone else will take me first.

Boys want to fuck (or get fucked by) the guy that everyone else wants to fuck (or get fucked by). They are probably attracted to many more guys in
the room than they let on, but they want that one who everyone is going to crowd around and observe enviously.

I declare that I am a tad guilty of this. As one who does not have the best luck cruising at sex parties, I have an even stronger need to snag a trophy fuck. Last night, a guy made a reach for me, and I hesitated. I definitely wanted to play with him, but he wasn't the belle of the ball. He was attractive, but not what most of the other guys would have wanted. So, I paused for a second. Then, I gave myself a mental kick in the pants and proceeded to ravish him. 'Twas quite fun.

The point of the story is, because so many guys are focused on obtaining what everyone else wants, there are many people (i.e. me) who are not getting laid nearly as much as they should. Share the lust, people.

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