Action and Reaction

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Throughout my entire sex life, I've been trying to solve this one particular "chicken or egg" mystery: Do you feel sexy because someone is into you, or is someone into you because you feel sexy?

I am happy to say that I am presently at a high point on the roller coaster of attraction (which I hope will carry over to the Happy Hour Hook-up this Thursday. SHAMELESS PLUG.). But what sparked my ascent is unbeknownst to me. At the beginning of last week, I was feeling pretty damn unfuckable. But, at some point, these feelings rotated 180 degrees, and, suddenly, now everyone seems to find me extremely desirable. Well, not everyone - definitely not everyone, but a vast number compared to before, even if not in a sexual sense.

Yesterday, as I sat by the fountain in Jackson Square, a man and woman passed me by. I would have sworn they were a couple, except that the man
locked his eyes on me, and even looked behind him for an uncomfortable amount of time (I wore sunglasses, so he probably had no idea I noticed). Then last night, while on the clock, a very attractive man who frequents my workplace spoke to me for what I'm sure was the first time. Not only did he
address me, but he seemed rather smitten with me. I know him to be taken, so I didn't push anything, but I certainly enjoyed the moment.

This theme continues into my life in cyberspace. This morning, while cruising on Recon, I collected not one, not two, but three possible dates/hookups/trysts.

Where does this sudden surge of attraction come from? Is it in the stars? Is it proof that the Secret really does work? Is it my new exfoliating apricot body wash? I don't know the answer, but I hope it continues!!

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