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At the last minute, I had to change the group’s location as the person hosting alerted me that they were stuck in Florida and would not be back in time for the group. I shopped it around to my other hosts but, this being late July, there were not many in town and able to accommodate us.

As it was Wednesday night, I always have a backup option, albeit one I don’t generally choose to use. One of the clubs where I host my weekend parties is open on Wednesdays, and we have a standing invitation to bring the group there anytime we want. My hesitation – other than losing the special ambiance of being in a private home – is that they allow single men to enter the club on Wednesdays and that generally does not work well with the couples/single female dynamic of the group. For a lack of a better option, we bit the bullet and agreed to have the group there this past week.

Since the group starts relatively early (we call it for 8pm and generally get things going by 9ish) the vast majority of those there at 9pm were our group members. There were a handful of couples attending the club who we invited to join us and just a couple of single men looking to get lucky. We had a full group (15 couples), and I called the group to order just a bit past 9pm.

There is a large space there where we all gathered and we went through the usual startup process. After welcoming everyone, we made some general announcements about the group and upcoming events at which point we went around the room and had everyone introduce themselves. Then, I had everyone get up and start stripping each other just as we always do.

To give the couples a level of comfort in this environment, I designated one of the playrooms as ‘couples only’ while the others would be open to having the single men enter and, if invited, participate in the fun. This worked out very well. For the first 15 minutes or so, as the clothes disappeared from most everyone in the group, they milled around the large area. At some point, groups of couples started gravitating to the ‘couples room’ while a few worked their way into some of the other available spaces. By 10:00pm, there were 9 or 10 couples in the designated room all going at each other with fervor. The sounds coming out of the room were attracting all sorts of attention from those outside and from people just coming into the club.

It was a thing of beauty to watch. Men and women in every manner of contortion were trying to squeeze themselves into spaces that were barely there and enjoying every minute of it. There were people fucking on the bed, around the bed, on the side of the bed, and perhaps even under the bed although, truth be told, I didn’t get down to check that location. There were couples in the more open spaces showing off for those around them. There were 2 couples in the back room inviting some of the single men to join them. There were couples in the lounge area figuring out how to do what it is they came to do in the space they found open.

We had to shoo some of the guys away from the restricted room, but everyone was pleasant and there were no attitudes about it – as there should never be. We kept the one room couples only until 11:00pm, when many of our couples start to wind up and leave anyway – school night rules, ya know – and everyone managed to have a great time.

The best compliment came from a regular couple that had been hesitant about joining us at this location. They came to me afterwards and told me that this turned out to be one of the best groups they had ever attended, and they were now sorry they had not joined us there earlier. Those are the things that make me happy and make this all worthwhile. When someone goes outside their comfort zone and realizes that other options might be just as pleasurable as the options they are more familiar with, I have accomplished a good part of what I set out to do.

Another fine day, another fine crowd and just a few more converts to my brand of hedonistic enjoyment. A day well spent if you ask me.

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