The Centerpiece

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We were at one of our favorite venues, a full-floor apartment loft on the Lower East Side, inhabited by one of our member couples who is nice enough to invite us in from time to time. Everyone loves the space because of the positive energy, sexual and otherwise, that envelopes you when you are there. This was going to be the third time we would be hosting at this venue.

The last time became a bit of an event, towards the very end, with a visit from the local beat cops, in response to a noise complaint. This is, after all, a residential building and an older one at that - an old factory building that was converted to residential space with very little insulation between the floors. Architecturally, it looks stunning, with the exposed beams above, but that does little as a noise dampener between the floors. So, we decided to make some adjustments that we thought would work, keeping the bulk of the action on the common area side - as opposed to above and below the other bedrooms - and it worked just fine.

The things we have to deal with to have great sex in NYC...

It was a nasty night, in terms of weather, the start of the big storm that would stay with us through this past Monday. A number of couples from outside the city had called to cancel, not wanting to venture out in the growing monsoon-like conditions. At the witching hour of 9:30 pm, we had 9 couples and a single woman in the room, and we got down to business.

After the standard introductions and the reading of the rules (we really only use one rule - play nice), clothes started falling in piles around the room as it tends to happen at the group. Everyone there that night had attended at least once before, so there were no surprises, everyone knew the deal, and things progressed nicely. To compensate for closing off one of the bedrooms in the back to keep the noise level down, our host had added a futon mattress in the center of the large living room up front, and it was here - and on the surrounding couches - that the bulk of the action would occur tonight.

My regular partner had a conflict that night, and she was not there with me. In her place, I had drafted a woman who had come to the group numerous times when she was in a relationship with a guy we knew and was now interested in coming alone. To ease her transition, I allowed her to act as my co-host that night - a ceremonial job which really doesn't require much effort, other than having fun. From an earlier encounter with her at the group, I knew she was sexually submissive, and I was going to see just how much control she was willing to give up. I was not surprised to find out that it was extensive.

But I am getting ahead of myself...

So, I titled this blog, "The Centerpiece," for a specific reason. As I looked around the room, everyone was getting naked and comfortable, and my friend had gotten down to her underwear. At that moment, I reached into my pocket, pulled out a length of soft cotton clothesline and proceeded to tie her hands tightly behind her back. She was not going to slip her way out of this one. Once I had completed that task, I picked her up and tossed her, on her back, onto the futon in the middle of the room and proceeded to pull down her pantyhose and panties so that she was now naked and exposed from the waist down. I then reached beneath her, unsnapped her bra and pulled it above her very sensitive breasts, giving each nipple a twist for good measure as I did that.

She was now the centerpiece of the room, and everyone's attention was drawn to her. I spread her legs wide apart and looked around the room to find one of my guests who was watching the action unfold. I beckoned him over and simply said, "You go first". He grabbed a condom, slid it on, and began to fuck this woman as hard as he could. After a couple of minutes, he was ready to move on, and I found a girl waiting to take his spot between her legs.

The girl on the bed was blessed with a very large and sensitive clit, and this did not go unnoticed by anyone there. In the course of the next hour or so, she was fucked and eaten by most of the men and women in the room, while she was sucking cunts and cocks as they were placed on top of her hungry mouth. About half an hour into this scene, I pulled a blindfold out of my bag, slipped it over her eyes, and she was now panting in ecstasy as they continued to do her, one after the other. After the hour, I felt she needed a rest and I freed her arms, gave her a big hug and sat with her for a few minutes while she decompressed from the intensity of the situation.

Before I knew it, she was off to the back of the house to seek out other exploits. True to form, there is no keeping a good girl down or up, as the case may be.

Another wonderful night in the world of PlayGroup fun...

So, this story has an anecdotal addition to it. At 12:45 am or so, while I was already on the way home, I got a call from the host asking about a pair of glasses he had found which I knew nothing about. People leave all sorts of shit at the groups. We have had people go home with shoes, skirts, and any number of other things you might think would be difficult to forget. I told him to bag the evidence, and I would get it from him the next time we met.

I wake up in the morning to the following email:

"The mystery of the glasses I called you about last night concluded with an interesting answer. Along with the glasses was also an entire purse, cell phone wallet and all. At about 2 am, more than an hour after the last guest departed, we got up off the living room couch and were startled to find one of our guests lying stone cold out, face down on the bed in the bedroom. She was breathing. Dressed too. I didn't feel like relocating her, nor was it a good idea for her to drive home, so we left her in bed with us and we all went to sleep. At 5 am, she woke up and gathered her things, including the glasses and said, 'I guess this means I had a good time' and headed out the door."

You just can't make this shit up. All in a day's (or night's) play.

See you all next week, same time, same channel...

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