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Hopefully, many of you have had the chance to read Sexhibitionist's blog about her fun time atop the Red Pool Table. As luck would have it that Red Pool Table happens to reside in the basement of my very own home and, over the years, many interesting things have taken place on the surface of that table that had nothing to do with the game of pool, although, I will admit, there were plenty of balls involved.

Aside from the PlayGroup and the weekend club and loft parties that I host, I love entertaining at home. The wonderful advantage of entertaining at home is that I get to invite only those people whose company I like and enjoy seeing naked. It's not quite as doable when running a somewhat commercial sex enterprise. So, once every month or so, K and I open our doors to 30 or 40 of our friends and have them over for dinner and whatever follows naturally. More often than not, the dessert is the best part of the night.

So, it was a Friday night, and we were having 30 people over. I cooked lots of great food, the bar was well stocked, and everyone came ready to have fun. Everyone started floating in starting at 8pm and, by 10:30 pm, dinner was done, and the guests were chomping at the bit to get their clothes off and get something going. In ones, twos and threes, they started making their way down to the basement, and that was where it all started.

Bashante, the girl in Sexhibitionist's blog, had just celebrated her 23rd birthday, and she knew exactly what she was in for as part of her birthday celebration. She had turned 21 in that very same basement and received 84 whacks (21 x 4) on her ass from all assembled, before being tied to the pool table and generally celebrated by man and woman alike. Apparently, it was a very positive experience since she has been back many times since.

Having reached the mature age of 23, we figured it was time to up the ante. I went up to my bedroom and retrieved my special cane which I have had for 8 or 9 years and, despite serious workouts, has survived to stroke another day and another ass. I had Bashante, who was already naked at this point, bend over the edge of pool table and stick her ass up in the air for me. Her husband Sinbad stood nearby and watched.

And, so it began. This being her first caning, she was unaware of exactly how it would feel, although that didn't last very long. Thwack went the first one, and the expression on her face was priceless. I had her count the strokes, and I will admit she messed up the count several times and not in her favor. As I continued, the strokes got progressively harder, and I spread them around from the top of her thighs to the top of her absolutely fabulous ass cheeks. With each new stroke, she stood up for a sec, rubbed her ass then immediately resumed the position for the next one.

I think they hurt Sinbad more than they did her. He had this look on his face and kept making noises about that being enough, while she kept sticking her juicy ass out for yet another one. In the end, she probably got closer to 30 than 23, and her ass was crisscrossed with the beautiful stripes and the beginnings of the welts that would be with her for the next day or two. Once it was over, everyone applauded, and I turned her around, gave her a big hug and kiss and started planning what I would do for an encore next year. She then joined Alice and Tesla for the impromptu photo shoot and, at one point, somehow ended up with the 8 ball stuck in between her cane-enhanced ass cheeks, holding it there proudly, while Tesla took some great shots of it as an eternal memory of that special moment.

Anyone call 8 ball in the rear pocket ?

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