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Welcome to the DDeviousDelights PlayGroup, a weekly voyeuristic journey through one of the fast lanes in the NYC underground sex scene. This blog is called PlayGroup for a very specific reason; it will regale you with true sex stories from the DDeviousDelights PlayGroup. The DDeviousDelights PlayGroup meets one evening a week in one of several locations around NYC. Whether you attend one of our parties or just read about them here, we hope that you keep coming back for more of our down and dirty sexual explorations each week.

As the chief instigator, errrr I mean facilitator, of DDeviousDelights PlayGroup, I help people get involved. I will send our regular guests to help strip those who are newer and not as comfortable yet. No one is ever forced to participate, however. Everyone starts out differently but most generally end up in the same place. Take the case of E, a regular attendee with her husband, S, who was SO shy when she first came, she refused to take off anything more than her shirt. It was almost like a continuing soap opera; you had to come back each week for the next chapter in E's sexual exploration. Each week, an additional article of clothing came off. One week was the skirt, the following week, her bra; finally, her tiny little panties were off. The week she surrendered her bra was memorable. E is a petite Asian woman who is more nipple than tit, but they stood at attention from the moment her bra hit the floor. The following week she revealed the sweetest little bald pussy that had everyone gasping at the sight of it. Needless to say, she has been back many times; now, it's hard to get any clothes on the girl (not that we would want it otherwise) from the moment we start, until the very last second before she is ready to leave.

This past week, I just picked her up, caveman style, threw her over my shoulder, carried her into one of the back bedrooms, tossed her down on her back, lifted her legs high in the air, and began feasting on one of the sweetest cunts I have ever had the pleasure to devour. Her girlish squeals attracted the attention of some of the others and, before we knew it, we had quite the audience watching us. As I held her clit between my teeth and worked it with the tip of my tongue, her screams were nothing short of orgasmic and an apparent call to arms for the others. Before we knew it, there were people fucking all around us. The moans and screams from the other bedroom, right next door, fueled our sexual appetite; soon, we were competing to see which room would have more intense passion.

A few weeks ago, we had a couple visiting from Texas. They were somewhat taken aback when they saw a Hasidic couple at the party and didn't know to react. Before the night was over, the lady from Texas was on her knees getting fucked, doggie style, by the Hasidic man, as he watched his wife get fucked by another one of the male guests. I can assure you, dear reader, that this is an experience that she will never find deep in the heart of Texas. This memory from NYC will last her a lifetime.

The DDeviousDelights PlayGroup is all about passion. It's about coming out and fucking in stellar fashion with 8, 10, 12 or 15 other people all around you. It's about safely checking your relationship at the door and picking it back up as you leave. It's about mind-blowing sex with no guilt or recriminations and the understanding that fidelity and loyalty have absolutely nothing to do with each other in this enlightened world we have created and continue to nurture. This is our 8th wonderful year of helping "friends play with friends".

More from the PlayGroup next week.

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