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So, what happens when you go to a sex party, are hanging out, totally relaxed, and then realize that the woman on the other side of the room, who is about to be totally naked and getting fucked in front of you, is a teacher who just happens to teach at the very same school that you do. Well, there are two possible reactions: fear and trepidation - this is the most talked about fear that people have when going to parties like this ("What if I run into someone I know who doesn't know about this side of me?) or embracing the fact that you now have a shared secret that makes you closer than you could have ever been before.

Well, of course, that happened at the group last night. One woman who has been there several times spotted a first time joiner from across the room and muttered, ˜Oh my god, I work with that woman". To make a long story short, the episode had a very happy ending. They very quickly got over that momentary uneasiness and both went on to have an incredible time leaving with a new respect for each other through a shared commonality of interest mind blowing semi public group sex. Who knew?.

We were at one of our favorite venues last night. It's a full floor loft apartment downtown that has such positive energy that we love coming back here and wish we could more often than we do. The hosts are wonderfully welcoming and have totally embraced the group, and absolutely everyone feels comfortable here.

Last night was another interesting group. We had a packed house. The group is always limited to 30 people, and we rarely hit that number due to late cancellations or no-shows. Last night, we ended up with 31,despite a couple of late cancellations, as two of the couples brought along an extra girl. We always enjoy surprises like that. We had 9 first-time partiers, which always presents something of a challenge, but the vibe was so wonderfully mellow that everyone was able to get comfortable.

One of the ladies who helps us run the group came by to hang but not play, so I kind of assigned her to a beautiful young woman who had come alone for her very first time. Another young woman who had come with a guy friend was quickly adopted by one of our couples who went our of their way to make her feel comfortable. While those two did not really end up playing, they were able to get the full impact of the experience by hanging out, watching and asking questions of their 'mentors'.

With large groups things go one of two ways. You either, very quickly, see piles of bodies going at each other or, as the case yesterday, things move somewhat slower but, generally, end up in the same place. It's all just a question of timing. As always, we started with 'the game' which got everyone naked fairly quickly. People moved around the room, touching and feeling. Some of the newbies were a little shy, but the vets helped them out by talking them through their shyness. Before long, the couch was lined with 4 or 5 couples engaged in various types of sexual activity. For a long while, everyone stayed in the living room and either participated or watched. The mattress in the middle of the floor started filling up with people fucking and sucking, as the audience around them enjoyed the spectacle of it all. It's just incredible to take in the whole room at once with all sorts of activities going on with people standing, sitting and laying. I personally walked around and feasted on 5 or six pairs of beautiful nipples attached to some magnificent boobs. A tongue here, a few fingers in some very wet spots there, I fulfilled my role as chief instigator, as well as chief lubricator. I love the touch, smell and feel of a wet cunt, and there were plenty there for me to enjoy.

Before long, people were fucking and sucking in the front and had started to gravitate to the bedrooms in the back. The group generally starts slowing down around 11 pm, but this one showed no signs of letting up. At midnight, with a beautiful blond standing right in front of me, I was standing in the kitchen with a bunch of people having a drink and taking a breather. I turned and saw the bowl full of melting ice cubes sitting on the kitchen counter and could not contain myself. One by one, I started taking the remaining ice cubes and inserting them into this woman's very hot and very tight asshole. She gasped at the first one, was astounded by the second one once she realized what was going on, then I bent her over and pushed her ass back at me to take the next three or four. I assured her she wouldn't have to go fishing them out; they would melt very shortly, and, of course, they did. In a minute or two, her ass looked like a leaky faucet as the melted ice cubes started to drain out of her tight little asshole into a very hot looking puddle beneath her.

A couple that was dressed and leaving at midnight was amazingly naked and fucking again at 1:00 AM. We said our goodbyes, leaving four or five couples still going at it and the host in the back with one of the single women who had joined us. After admonishing them to make sure that they informed him when the last one left so that he could lock the door, we descended down into the cool world below looking forward to the next encounter.

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