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Quite often, when someone comes to the group for the very first time, they come with a specific idea of what they will and will not do on their first visit. More often than not that turns out to be nothing close to what actually does happen. And, usually, that's not a bad thing.

So I had spoken to this woman online, via email and IM, a number of time prior to her first visit. Originally, she was going to join us with her boyfriend, but as he was now traveling, she decided to come on her own and experience the PlayGroup. In the end, she dragged along a female friend as a mini-support group.

When women come alone, especially that very first time, it presents somewhat of a challenge. The group is primarily couple-centric, although single women are always welcomed and encouraged to join us. They are also generally somewhat more apprehensive than most couples - rest assured there are plenty of couples who are just as spooked the first time - and we try to make them feel as comfortable and as safe as possible.

She was a beautiful South American woman with an incredible body, and she carried herself with a regal sense of self that let everyone know she was comfortable in her own skin. She insisted she was here to play with the girls and that any male interaction would be on a case by case basis (isn't that always true?). The group was large, young and attractive that night, and she seemed to fit right into the mix. The game began, and the clothes started coming off rather quickly this night. She was somewhat hesitant in the very early stages but then found some people that piqued her interest and, after a short while, I saw her heading back into one of the bedrooms with them.

When I popped in to check on things a short while later, she was the center of attention with no less than four or five people, men and women, ministering to her. She was being licked, sucked and fucked by all of the people around her and, judging from the sweet sounds emanating from within her, was having no difficulty whatsoever adapting. I stuck my head into the mix and was quick to enjoy the taste of one of the sweetest young cunts I have had the privilege of devouring in some time. Before long, I left her to those around her and went to minister to the rest of the flock.

Well, by the end of the night, I found her bent over the sofa getting rammed from behind by one of the guys there. Her friend had dressed as they had been ready to call it a night, but she apparently needed one more hard cock before going back out into the cruel world. Her friend also had an incredible time, and we look forward to having them both back with us very, very soon.

It was also an interesting night from another perspective. Of the 3000 or so people that make up the PlayGroup invite list, there are two guys who are missing a leg from just above the knee down. One of them is black. One of them is white. One is missing his left leg. One is missing his right leg. Both of them were at the same group, on the same night, at the same time. Gratifying to see how we embrace everyone by making them feel comfortable, and we are proud to have friends and members who are diverse enough not to let things like that get in the way of their good times.

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