Have You Seen My Husband?

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We'll start this blog with the ending because its just too precious for words. The PlayGroup last Thursday night was another incredible fun time for all and we'll tell you all about it in just a minute. But first...

So, I woke up Friday morning to find this text message from Julia, one of our attendees the night before.

"Hey, my husband didn't stay with you guys last night, did he? Lost him and worried..."

To make a long story short, a number of us went out for drinks after the PlayGroup, and the last we saw of this woman and her husband was when we left the bar at around 12:30 am and them in the company of another couple from the group. So, I texted her back that we had no idea where he might be and hoped she would have luck in finding him. The story has a happy ending, although, we don't know the details of what transpired in the interim. When I texted her several hours later, inquiring as to what happened, Julia informed me that she had found him but refused to provide any details. Her response: "Ask him next time you see him." Hmmmmm. it's always an adventure at the DDeviousDelights PlayGroup, although our couples go generally make their way home together.

We were at a new location on the far West side. This was our first time at this venue, and our host was very gracious in allowing us to come in at the last minute. We had planned to be on the East side, but the group had grown for that night and our original location would have been way too small for the larger size. We arrived at 7:45pm, set up and waited for everyone to arrive.

A nice group gathered and, by 9:15 pm, we were ready to start the party. We had 11 couples after the late cancellations plus our host and one single girl named Barbara. I am always impressed by single women who come alone the first time. Many sign up to do that. Few actually make it through the door. It was easy to see that Barbara was nervous, and everyone went out of their way to make her feel comfortable. We had a couple visiting from Florida, another two or three first time couples, some who had been there before and a few who are fairly regular attendees. A perfect mix for a fun-filled evening.

So, the game began and clothes began to fall into piles in every corner of the living room. Shirts, slacks, bras - all manner of underwear flew through the air into mounds all around the room's perimeter. A few of the first timers were a bit slower in getting started but, in the end, everyone was naked and flirting with others around them.

Julia, who has simply spectacular boobs, and her husband were spending time with Barbara and that appeared to be going rather well. It took them a while, but they managed to get her down to her panties, and she seemed to be less nervous as the evening progressed. At some point, I yelled at them to ‘get a room’ and sent them off to the back of the house to see what sort of trouble they could start. I found my old friend E and decided to lift her up onto the kitchen counter and feast on her sweet cunt. It never ceases to amaze me just how delicious this woman always tastes, and I try to never pass on the opportunity to enjoy pleasing her. Around the apartment, people were hooking up and getting busy. There was a pile of six or eight on one of the beds in the back bedroom, and this delicious 21 year-old girl seemed to be getting a lot of well-deserved attention to her hot little body. The squeals coming out of her mouth were nothing short of delightful.

I walked into the other bedroom, and there were also a bunch of people on the bed including Barbara, her two new friends and another couple who I could see. Walking back into the living room, I had to sidestep a couple fucking right there in the hallway with the girl bent over at the waist and her guy fucking her from behind as onlookers applauded.

All in all just another fun night at the PlayGroup and, as we left, deciding to go for drinks, there was another whole new story ahead that we are dying to know...

Back next week with more tales from the group.

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